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    Once, I woke up at a sleepover, and my friend looked at me and whispered in horror. “You talk in your sleep.”

    So I blinked and stared at her, eyebrow raised, and asked, “Oh, really? What do I say?”

    She replied, “You said ‘NO. DO NOT TOUCH THE BOMB. THERE ARE GAY PEOPLE HERE.’” 

    one time i was on a class trip to nyc and we had several roommates and one of them was asleep 

    well the rest of us we were talking about this really ceppy teacher named mr. haney and my friend, who was asleep, goes mr. haney is so ugh

    then we thought she was awake so we went over there to annoy her so we started poking her and she was like “poke” everytime we poked her it was priceless

    I talk in my sleep, and on a class trip to DC I started crying about coconuts in my sleep and woke my friend up because I was shouting, “NOT MY COCONUTS!”

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    urban dictionary has saved me from asking so many awkward questions

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  3. i got six doctorates so i could science more better

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    just reminding everyone i have an ask box

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    the new Heart, Brain and Butterfly Kickstarter is underway - next stretch goal: Happy Gallbladder plushes! yetikickstarter.com

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    Glossy lip



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    News of the World Makeup


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